The day I missed the bus

City street

While I was going to college in 1997, I started to get interested in running. One day I was on my way home when I realized I didn’t have any bus money with me. I thought to myself, it can’t be that bad and with my backpack on and books in hand, I walked the six miles home.

As I walked, I was reminded of a sense of mind, body and soul that I had lost. I had run cross-country in high school and track and field in elementary school and I knew that when I put my mind to it and visualized a positive result, my body understood what needed to be done.

So each day after that I walked home from school. Soon it turned into a jog and then I was running home after college was finished for the day. I never thought at the time that I would ever train for the world majors let alone becoming a personal trainer or a Registered Massage Therapist in private practice. But all those things came to pass as I ran headlong into my life.