Greg PressleyGreg Pressley, RMT, Reiki Master

My interest in Reiki, and eventually Massage Therapy, arose from my fascination with human anatomy. When I was a child, as the result of a brain tumor, the left lobe of my brain had to be removed. When I reached school, teachers didn’t know how to teach me. I wasn’t a discipline problem but I couldn’t memorize or process very quickly. School was certainly a challenge. As therapy for myself and to deal with day to day struggles I started running. At first it was a way to meditate but then it became a spiritual journey. I found I was able to take on the day’s events and happenings and digest them while I ran. As in my dreams, things became clearer and I remembered more of what I was being taught in school. Were my neurons firing better? Was the exercise of my body helping my brain? I don’t know but it led to five Boston marathons, four New York marathons, one Chicago marathon, and a few marathons in Toronto.

With this simple start to spirituality my eyes were opened to a gift, the “healing hands” I’ve been told I possess, and through my schooling experiences I had become a person who does not give up. I turned my energies towards Reiki, and subsequently Massage Therapy. In 2010 I received my Reiki Master, I became a CMTO certified Registered Massage Therapist in 2012, and have been working in private practice for several years. I am passionate about the wellbeing of others and try to be a model of resilience and openness to change.

As an RMT and a Reiki Master I focus on removing stress blockages that lead to muscle tension, inflammation, and possible injury. Relief from pain, both physical and emotional, is one of my main goals when applying a treatment. I start each session with this question, “What are you hoping to get out of today’s treatment?” Listening to my clients allows me to meet their needs while respecting their space. I use calmness, trustworthiness, intuition, and hands-on techniques to restore the flow of energy within each client. I invite my clients to relax and enjoy the present moment of the treatment they are receiving. I do this to make them feel comfortable and bring positive energy to the treatment. As a result of my massage therapy techniques my clients tell me they feel cared about, heard and supported and they experience an increase in calmness and a decrease of pain.

My home and my practice are in Toronto’s East End but my clients come from all over and I travel across the city for in-home sessions. I invite you to contact me and set up a time to begin a journey of energy restoration together.